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’To share a beautiful dining experience for all senses with a wish for recognition and surprises.’

Mette & Rainer Gassner | 2001 | 2019

Ti Trin Ned is the merger of a strongly personal kitchen, considerations on sustainability – and a never-ending quest for the perfect, simple, varied and characteristic servings.

Herbs from forest, beach and the restaurants’ own fields at Himmerigskov are combined with ingredients from small, local and sustainable producers to for an unfailing source of inspiration – and forms the gastronomic agenda which invites us to explore and refine the never-ending steps towards the perfect dining experience. To this, we add a personal and unique twist inspired by our history and passion.

The story about our Ti Trin Ned started when we fell in love with beautiful, old buildings in Norgesgade which founded a wish to give Fredericia a completely new dining experience. The year was 2001 … and since then the story continues from the small kitchen and the cosy basement to a new, open restaurant and an up-to-date- kitchen at Toldkammeret. A venue which unites our passion for Fredericia with the ambitions of continuously being part of the top of Danish gastronomy. Our characteristic, simple settings in the basement are at Toldkammeret united with beautiful naturals and a bold, Scandinavian colours – and not least the unique view to Lillebaelt which we have always dreamt of offering our guests. We invite to openness and transparency – and to feel the energy and the perfectionism in the open kitchen in a present and warm experience.

Our restaurant is filled with know-how and history – and personal choices, wishes and dreams which have come true with professional back-and-forth and help from passionate partners.
We are proud to be part of a new part of town and to support Fredericia’s identity as part of Denmark and of the world. We fill the influence of Royalty and Duces mixing with influence from friendship cities and significant, local personalities – and like the reference to the public customs office which characterized the area from 1910 to 1941. And we let our name become part of a new history … Ti Trin Ned is exactly as the new address a bearing part of the history of Fredericia and our DNA. Everything links perfectly together …

The new Ti Trin Ned is an affirmation that nothing has changed. It’s still a dream to create a special gourmet experience in Fredericia … new and ground-breaking with sustainability, local ingredients and the close connection between field and table as our driving force and motivation.

Welcome to Ti Trin Ned. Welcome to Our World … perfect, simple, varied and characteristic.


Guide Michelin 2018 | *
White Guide 2019 | Masters Level, 34/81
The Danish Dining Guide | ***/Sun