Just now, Himmerigskov ‘explodes’ in an abundance of herbs, vegetables and berries in all shapes and colours – and in more than one way, July, August and September are the busiest months of the year. At the same time hectic, exciting, overwhelming and fantastic!

Nature gave us a generous, the weather was not too wet nor too dry. Should we complain a bit, the soil is probably right now a bit too dry, but everything is fine …

On the other hand, we have experienced a flood of vermin and our new fields have been hit by ‘just about everything’. Thus, we have had to improvise, move around our plans to optimise this year’s yield. When the soil was ready for cabbage and salads, we found crane fly larvas that develop rapidly in cabbage and salads. We solved that problem by replacing the planned crop by beans and onions (which were also attacked by vermins – but that’s another story) … and in this way, the puzzle continued.

Part of the first crops failed, and what was supposed to be the second or third crop harvested in September ends up as the first one – still in September – which will, naturally, have an impact on the menus at Ti Trin Ned during summer and also over the winter to come.

Preserving the summer of 2019

High-season in the fields also means high-season for preserving the wonderful, light tastes of summer for the dark, Danish winter and, continuously, give ‘Our World’ the characteristic, light signature in January.

Currently, we pick a little from the fields- and once weekly, we harvest a lot. Some of the crops go directly to the empty, new-ly cleaned larders that week by week are re-filled. The rest is taken directly to our large, new kitchen at Toldkammeret which has a perfect functionality when preparations for winter go on parallel with service in the restaurant.

Tiny carrots land together with 500 kgs of broad beans. The carrots form part of ‘Our World’, while 3 chefs spend a full day podding and freezing the beans. And then there will be potatoes, beets, more carrots …

Everything is prepared – and we preserve, dry, dehydrate, pickle, ferment and make juices. A wonderful blend of new and classical ‘Grand-ma-methods’.

The sweet, the blooming

This year we have more perennial crops – and a broader selection of sorts. We have extended our rhubarb bed from 7 to 57 plants of 5 different sorts – also one of the all-classic, Danish arch-rhubarbs with an unequalled taste.

And suddenly all the sweet, cosy things peak. The redcurrant, the blackcurrant and the gooseberries of summer are followed up by blackberries, appels from the steadily growing apple plantation – and plums. The menus of late summer get the special signature of the season and the summer is kept in glasses, bottles and frozen down.

Everywhere, it blooms, weed grows next to planned crop, the beautiful wildflowers bloom together with calendula, Tropaeolum majus and cornflowers for the menus. Himmerigskov is beautiful …