Everything sprouts and grows at Himmerigskov! While the menu in the restaurant changes, the greenhouse is filled with all the world’s cabbage plants and fragile salads. We plant onions and the very first potatoes. Preparations and plans are realised day by day!

Every spring we wait patiently for the fields to reach the optimum temperature of 8-10°C and to be not too dry for planting out – nor too wet for ploughing, preparing and spreading muck with heavy machinery without stamping the soil completely. Timing is everything … and this year we feel lucky! Many beautiful days with blue sky, full sun and a light breeze make all work a little bit easier …

And suddenly we are ready: All the tiny cabbage plants and salads which have been nurtured under glass will be planted in long, straight lines, beans and broad beans will follow – and then we start sowing and nurturing again. This time outdoors … while the greenhouse will be taken over for the rest of the summer by tomatoes, cucumbers, broad beans and Peter’s watermelon which all wait patiently as fine, sound, small plants in pots.

More blackcurrant bushes at Himmerigskov

Very early this spring we also prepared about ½ hectare additional space to form a new blackcurrant bed holding 50-60 extra blackcurrant bushes. Not because we are looking forward to blackcurrant juice tasting of sun and summertime – but because small, fragile blackcurrant sprouts are a central element of our desserts at Ti Trin Ned. And we need a lot of sprouts. Therefore, we have also chosen the type of blackcurrant with an untraditional emphasis: Not a type that bears a lot of berries – but the one that sprouts diligently.

The first rhubarb … the first potatoes

Among the very first harbingers of spring to reach the kitchen of Ti Trin Ned we always see the rhubarb – and when it has arrived at the restaurant, we wait for the first Danish potatoes. We planted the potatoes as early as possible – and we grow them naturally. The only shielding during winter is straw which means that the first 40 kilos will be growing slowly for 70-90 days. Wonder whether they will be ready for the restaurant by the end of May?

Strawberries … and more potatoes

Another round of 200 kilos of healthy potatoes are ready, the vegetables will be planted – and not least is our large strawberry bed waiting for care and attention. And at the same time nature wakes up: Beech leaves, crisp sprouts and wild herbs invite to ’A walk in the woods of Himmerigskov’ and servings with inspiration from beach and forest.

Week by week the atmosphere at Himmerigskov changes to summer vibes, ’the first of everything’ reaches the kitchen, new combinations are tested … and Our World gets a new expression.